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You Are Adored

Jan 27, 2022 | Artwork, Healing Thoughts

But do I believe God adores me?  Do you?  I can’t imagine this.  Why would He adore me?  I can tell you that He adores you. But me?  I am the accident trying to prove my worth.  Lee Wolfe Blum from Brave is the New Beautiful

Do you squirm when you read that God adores you? I did for a majority of my life.  If I wasn’t behaving in a way that I thought was pleasing to God, how could He possibly love me much less adore me.

To me the word “adore” means to love lavishly. It is the kind of love that is given to only a select few who hold a super special place in my heart.  How could God possibly adore me with my messy past.  A past littered with sin and failure? In my mind there was absolutely no way that I deserved to be adored, lavishly loved, by God.

And honestly, I don’t deserve it, but He adores me anyways.  He holds me close in a special place in His heart reserved just for me.  Coming from my past, that was a hard pill to swallow when I first came back to the Lord.

Did He love me? Sure, He sent His only Son to die for me and all other people.  But when it came to adoring me, I squirmed! All of my preconceived ideas about love had to broken down.  My image of love, especially God’s love, had to be healed.

A love that is conditional on my ability to behave “properly” is not love at all.  Nothing I could ever do would earn me salvation in Christ.  I wasted the first five years of my relationship with the Lord trying to “pay Him back” for saving me. It wasn’t until I failed miserably that I truly understood the actual depth of His love for me.

Jesus has healed my shallow image of love, but I am still a work in progress. Each day I have to choose to receive His love in the midst of circumstances that try to convince me that maybe He doesn’t love me as much as He says He does!

Do I still squirm when someone tells me that God adores me?  Sometimes, yes! But I am on a journey that is drawing me ever closer to that special place God has reserved in His heart just for me.  That place where I will fully embrace that I am adored, lavishly loved, by the Lord – no squirming required!!

If you are struggling with the concept of God’s lavish love for you, I encourage to have a conversation with Jesus.  It might be difficult for you to believe that God adores you in the face of your circumstances, but He does.  Open your heart to receive healing of your skewed image of love.  Allow Jesus to show you how much He adores you.

I have loved you as the Father has loved me.  Remain in my love.  John 15:9 NLT

Until next time blessings and healing

original artwork by Kirsten A


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