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The Silence

Jan 20, 2022 | Healing Thoughts

Silence and waiting are never fun.  In fact, many people struggle during times of silence.
The Jews endured a silence for 400 years.  Not a peep was heard from a prophet or the Lord during this time.  The last prophets to speak, Micah and Malechi, had prophesied the Messiah coming.  So, the people waited expectantly.
And what did they get?  SILENCE
How do you wait when you pray and all you hear is silence?  Are you patient? Do you remain expectant?  Do you start doubting?
I don’t know about you, but I get uncomfortable in long silences.  I start fidgeting as my restlessness increases.  Regretfully, I am a product of the instant gratification generation.  I am not always a patient, expectant waiter.  I am a fixer! So too often when I hear silence from the Lord, I try to rush things.  I take matters into my own hands.  Most of the time when I do that it is a complete failure.  God’s timing is always perfect – mine is not!
When God is silent in our lives it does not mean He has forgotten us.  It doesn’t mean He has broken His word to us.  And it definitely doesn’t mean that He lied to us.
The Bible reveals that God kept His promise.  The Messiah came.  The 400 year silence did not change God’s promise.  His timing was just different than the people expected.
Times of silence are opportunities for us to press even closer to God.  We can dig deeper into His Word to see how He kept all His promises to His people.  Just because God is silent doesn’t mean His Character has changed.  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He is a PROMISE KEEPER!
If you are currently stuck in a time of silence, I encourage you to trust that the Lord is at work in your circumstance and in your life.  You are His beloved child.  He will not forget you.  And He will keep His promises to love you and walk with you through every moment of your life.

Until next time blessings and healing


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