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The Cherut Chronicles

This year for NanoWriMo 2022, I will be working on a Science Fiction/Fantasy Story.

You have been given a personal invitation to join me on this brand new adventure that takes place in the early summer of 2225 on the planet of Adama III.  Due to the explosion of Earth’s population after mandatory curfews during the Scourge of 2020,  Earth’s Space Cooperative (ESC) was forced to explore other planets to relocate the increasing number of humans.   Initially, three planets underwent the terraforming process to make them habitable.  The ESC named them Adama I, II, and III.

Each planet was given the rights to form its own governing body to rule over the citizens of the planet.  Adama I was ruled by a Monarchy form of government.  Adam II by a Dictatorship.  Adam III adopted Individual State Democratic governments.

The Blitz

May 25, 2225: Their ships were first spotted at 6:30 pm Standard time.  Recordings began springing up all over social media and on the world wide news.  Power grids failed over the entire planet thirty minutes later. It was obvious that they did not come in peace.

Chaos reigned from the moment the little boy fishing video taped the ship that suddenly appeared in the sky above him.  Mass destruction hit as cars slammed into each other, planes fell out of the sky, and life as we knew it ended.  We never stood a chance.  They took control of Adama III before anyone on our planet even knew we had been been attacked.  The newspapers called May 25, 2225 The Blitz Day (TBD).  It was the day Adama III died.

The Newest Artwork

With The Cherut Chronicles, I am creating a visual novel that utilizes artwork as an integral part of telling the story. 
Here you will find some of my original artwork created for the story.

The Newest Excerpts

Here you will find excerpts and snippets from personal journals, newspapers, photographs, and videos from the citizens of Adama III after The Blitz Day (TBD).

It’s Beginning to Look…

It’s Beginning to Look…

I have been on a quest. A quest to try to create a variety of children models that I can use for my artwork. It has been a process to find child characters that are close to actual human child proportions. Slowly, I been purchasing younger characters, morph packs, and...

At Home in Jesus’ Love

At Home in Jesus’ Love

by Kirsten Aoriginally written in 2008 for ASHM When I first came to the Healing Ministry, over four years ago, I had a skewed perception of God.  I was a new Christian and my image of God was seen through the tainted lenses of my prior relationships with men in my...

Like a Child

Like a Child

People brought babies to Jesus, hoping he might touch them. When the disciples saw it, they shooed them off. Jesus called them back. “Let these children alone. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy. Mark this: Unless you accept...


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