Kirsten Uninterrupted

I Can’t Walk In Your Shoes

Jan 16, 2022 | Thoughts

I can never walk in your shoes. I dare not even try to understand how you feel. Spoken apologies and asking for forgiveness fall flat.

I walk without fear on city streets. I am given respect without deserving it. Suspicious eyes look through me to blame others. Screamed expletives are never directed in my direction. I can enter any building with no one looking twice. I gather with groups of people, yet no police are called. I can drive a fancy car, but no one will pull me over to ask if I own it. I wander through stores in the mall without anyone following me or looking at me like I am a thief. I am not hunted down on the street and shot. I am not shot while I am sleeping. I am not held down on the ground with a knee on my neck begging for breath.

Why? Because I was born with white skin. people need to wake up and realize that having white skin doesn’t make me a good person. It doesn’t make me better than anyone born with another color of skin. It definitely doesn’t mean I should be entitled to better treatment.

While I did not choose to be born with white skin, I can choose to treat people with differently colored skin, different ethnicity, and different religion with respect. I can celebrate their beauty. I can walk beside them knowing that in the eyes of Jesus we are both His children. And He loves us equally! I can acknowledge that I have failed them as a spiritual sister on more than one occasion. I humbly ask for ears to hear their voices as they tell me what needs to change and how I can help with that change.

It is time for me to rise up to be part of the solution. And for me to stop being part of the problem because I was born into white privilege. Open my eyes and heart, Lord. Save our nation and heal Your people. Teach me how to love better, to listen more, and to battle this vile beast named racism!

Until next time blessings and healing


  1. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

    Dear Kirsten,

    What a beautiful piece. If only we could all embrace each other in this way. Appreciate…even celebrate…our differences. God created a rainbow, didn’t he? I don’t understand how white became the desired standard.

    Truly, Jesus Himself wasn’t a white man. I seriously doubt he was blond and blue-eyed. And He came to the earth for all of us!

    Thank you for writing this.



    • Kirstena

      Thank Rochelle for your comment. And you are correct Jesus wasn’t white and I agree I doubt he was blonde and blue eyed either. I never understand why he is depicted that way. I love that all my friends are so different from me and each other. I believe in celebrating our differences. Blessings


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