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He Sees You

Mar 10, 2022 | Healing Thoughts, Throwback Thursday

originally written in 2010 for ASHM

I recently watched the movie Avatar again.  There is one specific part of the movie that spoke to a place deep in my heart.  It is a scene when the alien female is holding the human male, who prior to this moment, has only been known to her in his Avatar body.  In his Avatar body he is a strong warrior.  As a human he is paraplegic, depending on a wheelchair for mobility.  The alien female, as she holds him, stares into his eyes saying, “I see you.  I really see you.”  She sees beyond his physical limitations to the very core of his inner being.  She sees him and loves him.

My entire life, all I’ve ever wanted is for someone to look past my faults and shortcomings and “see” the real me.  For years, I tried to hide my faults behind masks and lies.  I was afraid that if people saw all my faults they wouldn’t love me.  This fear kept me in a prison of isolation.  I figured if I didn’t let people close to me, then they wouldn’t be disappointed in me when I didn’t live up to their expectations.  I was my own worst enemy.  I craved for people to really see me, but then I refused to let them close enough to see me.

I used alcohol and drugs as cloaks to show the world a persona that was not my own.  They were my “avatar.”  The personality I put on to fool people into thinking I was someone I really wasn’t.  I was under the misconception that the person people saw when I was high was more loveable than the real me.  Unfortunately, I found no satisfaction in presenting this false persona to people.  And I always came back to the same thought, “Will anyone ever ‘see’ me and love me?”

There is a moment in Scripture when a young, pregnant servant has fled to the desert because her mistress has mistreated her.  As I read her story, I could imagine some of the thoughts running through her head, “I’m all alone out here…does anyone even care…will anyone miss me at all…will anyone come looking for me…nobody cares if I die…does anyone hear me…does anyone see how much I’m hurting…does anyone really see me???”  As she sat alone by a spring in the desert, the angel of the Lord found her and spoke to her.  When He had finished speaking to her Hagar spoke these words, “You’re the God who sees me! Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!” Genesis 16:13 MSG

It wasn’t until I began my relationship with Jesus that I caught a glimmer of understanding.  There is One Who truly “sees” me.  He sees past my faults, my shortcomings, my weaknesses, my sins, my false personas, and any other barrier I try to hide behind. He sees me…He really sees me!  And the biggest surprise of all…is the even though He does see me He still chose to die for me!  As I begin to accept the fact that Jesus “sees” me, my eyes are being opened more and more to see Him.  The more I was able to see Him the more I’ve begun to see me through His eyes.

What a beautiful gift it is to know that I am seen and loved…warts and all!

Until next time blessings and healing


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