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Got Manna?

Feb 15, 2022 | Healing Thoughts

In Numbers, we read the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert grumbling and complaining.
 ”If only we had meat to eat!  Remember all the free fish we ate in Egypt and the cucumbers, watermelons, leeks, onions, and garlic we had?  But now we’ve lost our appetite! Everywhere we look there’s nothing but manna!”
Numbers 11:5-6 GW
Lately, it has felt like we have all been stumbling around in the Covid-19 desert.  There has been grumbling about places where we still have to wear masks, about whether our family/friends are vaccinated or unvaccinated, and about when all of this Covid stuff will just end.  I have complained about the supply chain issues causing me to be unable to get regular things like Tylenol and Aspirin.    Just like the Israelites I am chanting, “ Give me meat! Give me meat!”
When we get so consumed with complaining and focusing on our lack we miss out on the manna God is giving us daily!
We need to stop looking at what the Covid has taken away from us and start praising God for what He has been giving us during this time.  More time to spend with Him.  More family dinners.  More time with our kids.  For me, more time to spend writing and creating artwork.
When we keep focused on what we lack in life, we ending up riding the negativity train all the way down the tracks.  When our lack in life becomes a habitual way of thinking we miss out on all the manna God is scattering around us.
Today, I invite you to join me in being deliberate in not complaining about the lack in our lives.  Instead let’s keep our eyes seeking for each piece of manna the Lord places in our path.  And Praise Him for the blessings He is doing in our lives today.

Until next time blessings and healing


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